Happy 2 Week Birthday!

Hello lovelies!

I had a sick baby on my hands these past few days. I've never pitied another person so much as when hearing my tiny child breathe through a stuffed nose. It was pathetically heart wrenching. Thanks to her cow humidifier and her bulb syringe (aka Kee-Koo), it's almost out of her system. Now her piggy snorts are endearing instead of heartbreaking. She just wants to have full air capacity in her face again.

Today officially marks her first day of cloth diapers!! Yaay! (I think mom is way more excited than baby.) I'm using Method Free and Clear to wash them - it's a low cost and high quality product that I can find in Target or order on Amazon. I also like that it's small and portable in case we need to bring it with us to the Grandparents' homes.

In addition to my beautiful baby turning 2 weeks today, it also marks when I am under 190lbs!! I weighed 189 this morning and I definitely did a little happy dance. It's weird to think that 2 weeks ago I was 218. That's nearly 30 pounds in 2 weeks! And I haven't even exercised yet! I have 25 more pounds until my pre-prego weight. My goal was to lose it before Christmas and I definitely think I'll get there. Nursing is awesome :)

Baby woke up. Motherhood calls!


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