Post-Op Appointment

Post-Op! Woo hoo!

Jonathan wasn't able to come with me to my one month post-op today so it was the first time I was solo with a stroller. I'm still not supposed to lift things over 10lbs (ha) so I just pushed her around in the stroller instead of carrying her in the awkward carrier.

I waited for less than 5 minutes! When I was pregnant, I would wait for up to an hour before the doctor would see me. When they called my name, I thought I owed them money up front and they were making me pay before I was seen. Turns out they just like new moms more than the waddly women with child.

They took my blood pressure, weighed me (186!), and pricked my right ring finger to measure my iron levels. All good :)

Doc came in, took a peak, pushed on my tummy, asked questions, answered questions, and I was done! Basically I can start doing light workouts but I can't do heavy lifting for another two weeks. I can start using a low dose birth control that won't interfere with nursing. Once the pills are in a rhythm, we can start being marital again. Yes, that's what I mean when I say marital.

Joanna's one month appointment is Wednesday! Yay!


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