Cloth Diapers: Week Three

I officially love cloth diapers even more :)

We've now added a diaper pail and flip-top trash can to our diaper station (both from Target). This upped our cloth diaper investment to $100. Without the generosity of others, the investment would have been $400 - $500.

Two new additions to our Cloth Diaper Station
We already own 3 Planet Wise bags: 2 large pail liners ($16.50 each) and a medium wet/dry bag ($19.00) for our diaper bag. They do a fabulous job of keeping the wetness and smells inside of the bags.

Planetwise and bumGenius: a perfect combination

We've found a rhythm with diapering. I'm washing 12 diapers per load and washing every other day (ish). So far, I've done 10 loads for a total of 120 diapers. That's (approximately) 40 diapers per week, which is equal to a pack of diapers that we didn't have to buy. So for simple math's sake, at $12 per pack we're saving $12 each week. At this rate, we'll have our $100 investment "paid off" in 5.5 more weeks!

Cloth Diaper Investment: $100
Cloth Diaper Savings To Date : $36
Return on Investment: -$64


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