I just blacked out for a second. I was sitting down, my head dipped to the right then snapped back to the center. It felt like my brain was drenched in luke warm water and I was being rebooted like a computer. No pain, no nausea, just dizziness.

I had a donut at 8:15 and the turnover at 10:15 - 2 hours apart from each other. I started the day with a fiber bar (which I know have sugar, but not nearly as much as a a donut), a little bit of soda but not my usual amount, and I drank about 64oz of water before lunch. For lunch, I had a chipotle cheese steak sub and some Pepsi. I came back to work, drank more water, and had two bites of a frosting-less cupcake. That's when it happened.
It freaked me out a lot, so I called the doctor and Jonathan came into my office to sit with me and make sure I was okay. They said they would call me back when a nurse had a chance. Jonathan went back to his office to get back to work.

45 minutes later, a nurse called me with my answer: I had too much sugar today. Yea I know I had a donut and an apple turnover this morning, but that's not all I ate and I didn't eat it an hour ago. The most recent significant thing in my system was protein and iron! How would that cause a sugar high?
*sigh* I love being told that my dizziness/shakiness is due to too much sugar when they don't even look at my file to see my low blood pressure, low sugar levels, and anemia. I don't think they even saw that I have a history of brain issues (my AVM from 2003 should have been a red flag for her, but she probably glazed over it like the donut I had this morning.)

So I drank some Pepsi and I feel better. My guess is that I didn't have enough sugar or had a sugar crash. Self medication ftw.

I think this raises a good question: Who knows your body better? You or your doctor/nurse?


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