Sweeney Todd

The name Joanna first became a contender even before we conceived. We were watching my friend play Anthony in a regional production of Sweeney Todd. Anthony's love interest (and Sweeney's daughter) is Johanna. The haunting and beautiful song, "Johanna" stayed with us even as we left the theater. Even looking at the lyrics now, I'm reminded of how we longed to have a little girl for a year before God granted her to us. We just knew.

Here is the first verse:

I feel you, Johanna. I feel you.
I was half-convinced I'd waken.
Satisfied enough to dream you,
happily I was mistaken,

I've always loved Steven Sondheim's work, but this song is now one of my favorites because of the personal meaning it now holds. We dreamed of our Joanna long before we knew she'd be ours. We're so blessed!

Here's another version within the context of the musical:
Yes, the song itself can be quite creepy, but to us it's so beautiful. Anthony singing that he'll "steal" her means he'll rescue her from her from the judge that stole her when she was young. The judge also wants to marry her now that she's older. Anthony is her hero!


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