God Provides

Last Wednesday we took the car to the shop to get new brake pads - we learned we also need new tires to go along with those pads (not to mention a few other things that need a-fixin'). I'm also still paying off my initial investment of my small business before I start seeing any real profit. Well..

Last Friday, our Chancellor announced to the staff that we would be given a bonus to thank us for our hard work. Huh? Say what? We're going to recieve extra income??

Not only do the bonuses cover the car expenses, but it will also pay off my Premier Jewelry investment! How frickin' cool is that! My goal was to have the investment paid off before Joanna arrived. I didn't know how I was going to do it, but God had it all figured out!

This has happened so many times to us: unexpected expenses accompanied by financial provision. From unanticipated safety deposits to extra paychecks! I'm thankful to now be accostomed to relying on Him in our finances instead of worrying about it. He always takes care of us. Always always always.


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