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I've had requests to stop buying things for Joanna so others can spoil her, haha. Those comments have inspired me to make a list of Needs, Wants, and Dreams in terms of our new life as parents. The needs are necessities to keep us from going looney. The Wants are things that would be nice to have but aren't necessary. Dreams are things we'll be saving for long-term.

We're fairly simple people. We have a washer and dryer but no dish washer. We have two cars and no cable TV. We do have high speed internet because c'mon, that's totally a need, right? So when putting together a list of needs/wants/dreams, I'm basing it on suggestions and personal nanny experience. This is our first child so we're still figuring stuff out one day at a time. This is going to be such a cool adventure!!!

As of week 30:

NEEDS - We'll be buying these in phases over the next months.
  • crib mattress
  • crib sheets We have 4 sheets and 2 liners - how many more do we need?
  • diaper bag
  • 8-10 more cloth diapers We just need about 3-5 more!  
  • cloth trash-can liner for the diapers
  • nursing pads
  • Pack-n-play
  • Baby Bottles
  • Baby bathing products (shampoo, soap, lotion)
  • cloth diaper detergent
  • toilet sprayer (for cloth diapers)
  • breast pump (electronic, not manual)
  • baby sling (We have a Bjorn but we'd like to get something she can nurse in. We're registered for a Moby, but anything like a sling or something would be cool. We're still keeping our eyes pealed. They range in price anywhere from $30 to $100, depending on style, brand, etc. I don't mind having a used one either.)
  • crib set (sheet, liner, blanket, etc)
  • some kind of rubber sheet for the crib (We have 2 so far - do we need more?
  • changing pad (we're turning our dresser into a changing table)
  • glider with ottoman (my parents got us a glider, we just need a gliding ottomon.)
  • casserole dish (I'm going to have to learn to cook eventually!)
  • Cable Television
  • TiVO
  • DVDs of Johnny and the Sprites, Baby Einsteins, Little Einsteins, Muppets, and Wiggles.
  • A mini-van
  • A vacation to Australia


  1. I would definitely mark a pack n play as a need. We used ours a lot once Emily came home because it was easy to just lay her down when I needed to do something and she slept so much. Of course, once they get older, you can drop the bassinet portion and let her play :). Its also great for travel to see grandparents and friends.

    Also, even though you're planning on nursing, its good to have some bottles on hand just in case you have to end up supplementing or just need Jonathan to take a feeding. We were so glad we got them as we ended up having to measure Emily's feedings 5 days after she was born. You can always get the bigger bottles with a slow flow nipple which will last you a long time especially when she switches to whole milk.


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