Things People Say

I've been amazed and amused at the things people say to me because I'm pregnant. These are some of my favorites:

  • Wow! You're huge! (a co-worker who hadn't seen me in a month)
  • You've really let yourself go. (Warren)
  • I don't want to alarm you, but I think there is something growing inside of you. (Ryan)
    • I think it's plain to see. (Jordan in response)
  • You are looking radiantly maternal today. (Robby)
  • You look like you're about to pop. (Someone at church when I was only 5 months pregnant)
  • I know I shouldn't say this, but you're really fat right there. (my 7 year old nephew, pointing at my stomach).
  • Your pudge is so cute. (Latiesha)
  • She look like she on the way to the hospital. (A woman at Goodwill)
  • You're doing cloth diapers? We'll see how long that lasts.
  • Don't get a Bjorn, it's not good for the baby's hips / Bjorn's are the greatest invention since the toaster. 
  • You should stay home so you can be there for your family/ You should go back to work so you can provide for your family. 
  • Sheesh, you blimped overnight. (A friend at church)
  • I didn't realize you were pregnant - you're always sitting down! (older lady at work)
  • Hi.. AAWW! (a custodian in the hallway who looked at my face, looked at the bump, reached down to touch it, then walked away.
  • You're like the most mellow prego I know. (Jenn)
  • My labor took 36 hours; I ended up tearing and needed 4 weeks recovery. 
  • My epidural wore off right before the worst part, it was awful.
  • I LOVED my epidural! / Epidurals are not God's will. 
  • An epidural will cause your baby to suffer long term health effects / An epidural won't hurt your baby at all.
  • I hated being pregnant! / I loved being pregnant! 
  • First babies usually come early. / First babies usually come late.
  • You should get a doula. / You should take this class. / You should read this book. / You should watch this youtube video. / You should ignore what everyone else tells you. / You should do what your mom did. / You shouldn't do what your mom did.

And while we're kind of on the subject, I don't care who you are - ALWAYS ASK before you touch me. I don't go touching your stomach without asking so you shouldn't either. If you don't ask, you risk getting your hand either slapped or eaten.


  1. awwwwww

    you're a beautiful pregnant woman.

  2. I didn't make it! Does that mean I'm kosher?

  3. You're good, Jeff. You're good.

    And thanks, Kai!


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