Post-Pardom Bump

I've always been curious what women look like after giving birth. Most women understandably hide out for a few weeks while they adjust. While busily "researching" on what a post baby bump really looks like, I stumbled upon this photo:

Apparently, OK! magazine thought it was okay to photoshop Kourtney Kardashian this much. Wow. First of all, THANK YOU to Kourtney for posting a real picture of herself and her newborn on her blog so moms everywhere can see through the photoshopping. 

Secondly, Kourtney was fit before getting pregnant, even though she partied hard. When she found out she was pregnant, she cut out alcohol and other harmful things so she likely lost some weight in her first trimester. With those things in mind, I'm not expecting these results, but I'm definitely encouraged by them! I don't plan on walking on a Victoria Secret runway weeks after giving birth like Heidi Klum or Adriana Lima. I do plan on losing weight responsibly and in a healthy way.

Thirdly, maternity pants are so dang comfortable and I'm not opposed to wearing them after I give birth. My pregnancy wardrobe will likely be my post-pardom wardrobe as I drop pounds and inches. I don't miss my pre-prego pants, but I do miss my pre-prego dresses. I know I'll have a fun time shopping for a new wardrobe at Goodwill when I'm ready to get into a dressing room again.

Fourthly, I'm very thankful that I'll be nursing Joanna. Nursing helps mothers burn more calories and shrink their uterus faster, which makes you lose your baby weight faster than if you formula feed. 

So bring on the baby! Then bring on the new clothes!


  1. That's gotta be a tad insulting- that the media readjusting your body... Booo.


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