Diaper Bag(s)

I didn't think picking a diaper bag would be so difficult! Jonathan reminded me that this is not a purse - it's a utility bag that both of us will use. Although I do disagree to a point, it is something that he will have to carry sometimes. However, I'm working on the assumption that Jonathan will be carrying the baby (carrier) while I tote the bag around.

Tiny Tillia's Pink Tulip Diaper Bag - $40 at tinytillia.com

In general, I've calmed down since my gender neutral kick. I still look for things that I can reuse for each child, but as soon as we found out it was a girl, all I could see were tutus and flowers! Since diaper bags usually don't last longer than 1-2 years, I think getting one bag per baby is pretty reasonable. If it lasts longer, then awesome! If not, it's like getting a new backpack for school.

I'm still buying furniture, sheets, and toys in mostly primary colors so we can re-use them. But I can't resist the occasional princess book or fluffy tutu! Her clothes are definitely pink and purple though.

Anyway, back to the diaper bag...

This is my favorite gender neutral bag I've found so far:

SkipHopDash Deluxe in Cherry Bloom - $58 at Amazon.com

It's been very difficult finding a bag that Jonathan and I can agree on. The gender neutral bags are usually brown, tan, or vomit green. We already have a green and grey stroller to use for all of the kids - I want some flare!

I can definitely understand how Jonathan doesn't want to carry a pink bag around. We've talked about having two separate bags, but he'd rather just have one and avoid the "oh no, it's in the other bag!" moments that are inevitable.

We'll see.

I love my husband!!

I bought the TinyTillia bag! Even if we don't use it as a diaper bag, we can use the brown changing pad and the accessories in another bag while I use this bag as an adorable tote. LOVE!


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