24 Weeks

Joanna is a 2lb papaya!
According to the interwebs, most women are starting to really show at this point. Ha. Really? STARTING to show?
As you can tell from this photo, I don't have that problem! The morning of my positive test I wasn't able to fit into my work pants. My hips don't lie. I'm still so thankful to really only show in the front. People who know my butt have said that it's actually gotten flatter since becoming pregnant. Weird.
According to baby-gaga, my 2 pound baby girl's checklist for the week: 1) ears: done; 2) fingernails: done; 3) toe nails: done; 4) eyebrows and lashes: done, 5) lungs walls: secreting "surfactant" - a surface-activated fat on their lungs necessary for breathing and 6) ovaries: growing millions of eggs like a chicken on speed.

My placenta is still muffling Joanna's kicks but her punches and wiggly fingers are becoming more and more prevelant. I'm feeling more and more of a constant pressure on the bottom side of my belly so I'm thinking it's not Braxton Hicks. The cramps stay for hours and aren't relieved very easily. It's not painful, just tense. Nausea and fatique are still here but my appetite is starting to get more well-rounded. I can finally eat fruit, veggies, and salads now! Slurpees are still a welcomed treat on hot and humid days.

Speaking of heat, be sure to remind me to not be pregnant in the summer. I don't know how July/August moms do it. I am barely surviving a summer 2nd trimester - I can't imagine being in my 3rd at this point. It's exhausting!


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