Apparently I'm adorable.

Today's outfit includes a non-maternity grey sweater dress with a black belt that is tied like a bow in the front with black leggings.

I think people are interpreting the bow to mean that my belly is a gift from God for the world to enjoy. I just had someone look at me in the eyes, look at my stomach, light up, and touch my bump while saying "awwwww!" as we crossed paths. Although my outfit is adorable, my face is undeniably unwelcoming today. I have my glasses on, hair pulled back, and very little makeup. I'm glad my belly outshines my face because my bump is definitely far cuter than my face today (and that's saying a lot because my freckles are in full force with my lack of foundation).

So if you're a prego that doesn't want to be touched, don't wear a bow on your body. Especially a bow near your bump. I'm getting used to people touching me so I'm not as freaked out as I was a few months ago. This is the best my stomach will ever look- I may as well milk it for all its worth!


Remember my waddle comments? They're still true. Pregos waddle because walking normally is uncomfortable!! Today it's painful for me to walk with my feet directly in line with my hips. Joanna loves nestling low while she sleeps so having any additional pressue is physically painful. Making fun of me while I'm preventing pain and discomfort to myself and my child is just rude. Shut up.


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