I just received word that one of my close friends may lose their baby. She went into early labor and she's only 21 weeks along. Contractions started, her water broke, and there was an infection soon after. I haven't gotten any word beside the initial report. According to the doctors, they'll only have a few minutes to spend with their new son. It's their first child. The child they wanted for years.

They struggled like we did to have a baby. We were thrilled to be pregnant together. And now this.  As a Christian, I want to pray that the baby will survive and be a miracle. As someone who trusts doctors, I want to pray that the goodbye will be peaceful. As a mother-to-be, my heart aches for my friends. The agony, frustration, and potential devastation are unimaginable. Some hospitals aren't required to save children younger than 23 weeks. I wish I could be there with them, but I don't want my very pregnant belly to upset her.

Biblical scriptures can be found/interpreted where infants are Heaven-bound because they have not yet sinned.  If this child doesn't live, I know we'll meet him in Heaven. It's painful to think that some of his family may never know him though, especially after a tragedy like this. This kind of situation can help make or break a relationship with God. Part of me wishes we could go through it in their place. They don't deserve this; they worked so hard to be parents. It's absolutely unfair and shitty that they have to endure this pain. But I know God is sovereign and He has a plan. I hate His plan sometimes, but He always proves me wrong when I see the big picture later.

I'm at a loss for any more words.


She delivered her first baby this morning. A baby boy. He weighed a little more than one pound. The proud parents spent an hour with their precious child before saying goodbye. It's amazing to think that his little life was completely full of love! I believe that a little life free of sin is Heaven bound.

He will always be their first. He will always be the first grandchild. He will always be loved. We'll miss you, Oliver.

If you're a parent, please hug your child(ren) as tightly as you can the next time you see them. Take joy in what God has given you. Be thankful.


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