27 Weeks - Glucose Test

Joanna passed her very first test! She does not have gestational diabetes, despite the random comments of "Oh you shouldn't have so many slurpees or your kid will have diabetes". Guess what. I scored a 120, which is very good, considering a score of 140 or higher is bad news bears.

The test consisted of me waking up, realizing I can't eat anything with excess sugar, making toast with butter and a glass of milk, then driving to the doctor's where I was weighed (192!!), blood pressured, and then given super kool-aid mixture of doom that was surprisingly yummy. I saw a fellow prego and we chatted about our progress, baby names, etc. An hour later, my blood was taken and Joanna's invisible gold star was received!! Good job, girl!

Joanna is kicking up a storm and giving mommy slight stretch marks, but its nothing that takes this smile off of my face. She's the size of an egg plant (that's it??) and is 2 lbs. Doc says I should gain no more than a pound a week. She wasn't concerned about my 26 lbs weight gain so far, I actually had to ask her if I was gaining too much!

We can't wait to meet you, Joey!!


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