Things I Will Do To My Child

Being the snarky person that I am, I know my snark will only grow stronger with motherhood. That being said, the following is a non-exhaustive list of things I will do to my child because I find it hilarious:

  1. Find the largest flower/bow possible and place it on my girls' head when they are an infant. The bow is large enough when it is as big as the child's head.
  2. Three words: homemade Halloween costumes.
  3. Take pictures of my boy in one of Daddy's shirts. (It looks like a giant body with a shrunken head. It's quite fun.)
  4. Take pictures of their angry cry face.
  5. Document at least 3 different "poop faces" (see first photo for a reference).
  6. Let them play with our instruments and see/hear what happens.
  7. Give them a lemon.


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