Zofran Free: Day Three

I've (accidentally) gone three days without my anti-nausea medicine. Now that I'm in Week 26, I figured it was about time I see how my body felt drug-free. My last pill was consumed on Friday and I didn't realize it was my last one! Since the docs are closed on the weekend, I had to wait until Monday to get more.

Day One: pretty horrible. I burped up a little but didn't throw up. My appetite was very sporatic too. My body just didn't know what to do with itself!

Day Two: tiring but not as nauseating. I spent the entire day on the couch. NOW I remember the feelings.

Day Three: pretty okay. I started with a slurpee, had bread and hummus for first lunch, hot dog and fries for second lunch, and ice cream. No nausea, but a lot of fatique and overall crudiness.

I'm hoping each day gets better. I went to Target and got more drugs just in case, but for now the bottle is still sealed.

By the way, these drugs retail for $171.99. I paid $10.00. God is so good and insurance is a beautiful thing!

Day Four: I caved. I spent last night crying and praying. I'm exhausted and frustrated and on the verge of tears again. Joanna has been jumping all around, which makes me thankful for my journey and sad for my friend's journey.


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