Baby Bow-listic

With little girls come tutus, barbies, and hairbows! Because my child will likely be bald for several months, bows are a necessary evil so the world knows we have a baby girl and not a boy.

Contrary to popular belief, size does matter! I'm personally not a fan of bows larger than my child's head. I'm not really a fan of a bow bigger than their mouths. Perhaps the large bows are to prevent a choking hazard? Who knows!
Here are some visuals. These three bows are prime examples of what is too big to be taken seriously. I may still buy one or two big ones just for giggles sake:

 Yea. These are just a little much. I don't think they'd be very comfortable either, especially if they're just learning to hold up their own head.

My favorite!! haha!

In stark contrast, here are some small dainty flower headbands. I ADORE these (both from Pretty Baby Bowtique on etsy)

I'm not gunna lie, I'm totally going to do this to my child:


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