Showered with Love

We were blessed with our first baby shower this weekend. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the people who are already blessing little Joanna's life! We (my moms, sister-in-law Amy, and my amazing friend Briana) had so much fun planning, decorating, baking, and preparing for the big event. Click here to see all of the photos!
Briana had some very fun games:
  1. How big is mama's belly?
    1. Oriental Trading sells fun ribbon that we used for the game.
  2. Guess the baby food
    1. She bought baby food and tore off the labels before passing them around for a sniff (and taste) test. It's much harder than it seems!
  3. Name that song (all titles with "baby" in the title)
    1. This was my favorite! I couldn't help but song along to the answers.
  4. Diaper Race (changing diapers with eyes closed)
    1. After trash talking about my diaper experience, I had the longest time AND I put it on backwards.
When it came time for Joanna to open her presents (with the help of mama), I was so humbled at the generousity of everyone! She is now the proud owner of about 30 pairs of socks, roughly 25 onesies, 5 recieving blankets, 5 hats, 3 bibs, 5 pants, 2 mittens, a beautiful baby quilt made by my grandma, a really fun sweater and hat made by my mom, a fun mitten puppet thing from Aunt Amy, a fantastic shark hair clip from Ashley (haha), a giant turtle from Nilsa, an awesome gift card from Geneveive, fun blocks from mom, and a big goodie bag from Briana that was FILLED with amazing necessities that she was so creative and wise to get, AHH! I can't even comprehend how blessed this child is! I'm so thankful to everyone who came!

A sea of pink and purple!


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