Premier Designs Jewelry

Well hello my blog followers :)

I am starting my own business as a Premier Designs Jeweler. With this business, I will be keeping a blog of my parties, tips, sales, and Premier experiences while I help provide for my growing family. You can stay tuned at my blog, Premier Jewelry with Laura.

So why am I becoming one of "those people" that do direct sales? Well, I'm not doing it for the free jewelry (although that's a very nice perk!) I'm doing it more as a financial and social opportunity when I dive into motherhood. I found this program to be the least restrictive with the highest potential profit (with the lowest cost to customers.) Premier Designs is a Christian company that honestly cares about their customers and jewelers. I earn 50% of retail sales, I don't pay shipping or tax, and I'm not penalized if I do a fantastic or horrible job. I also don't have to house any inventory, which is awesome considering all of the baby things we're getting! Premier ships everything directly from Texas. The only jewelry I hang onto is my display jewelry that I take to each show. I can also wear the show jewelry when I'm out and about for additional advertising :)

The main reason I'm not one of "those people" is that I hate selling things. I used to work in a call center where I was recruiting (aka selling) and I was restricted to a script and quotas. It was stressful and degrading - I left as soon as I could. With Premier, I believe in the product and I'm already a customer! I'm riding on enthusiasm and personal experience when I tell people about this jewelry.

That's right, I was a customer for a year before I became a jeweler. The prices are very reasonable, even for someone like myself who lives by yard sales and Goodwill. I personally keep an eye out for things I can wear in more than 4 ways. If it's versatile, it's like a 4 for 1 deal. I also have limited storage in my home, so versatile jewelry is a necessity at this point in our lives until we get a bigger house.

There you have it! I am officially a Premier Designs Jeweler :) If you want to see a catalog, you know I won't say no.


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