They Call Me Mellow Prego

"You're like the most mellow prego I know."

In a world of hormonal pregnant women, I take this as a very high compliment. I think being pregnant has actually calmed me down. I don't cry as often, but when I do it's hard to stop. I laugh more, pee more, eat more, and sleep a heck of a lot more. Good times :)


  1. Hi!

    I was just randomly browsing through Youtube and found your last100days-channel just 2 days after your newest vlog and ended up watching almost all of your videos about your wedding. After that I ended up here and got addicted. :)

    Are you going to do some more vlogs soon? For some reason your videos are so lovely to watch, you manage to explain thing so enthusiastic that I almost end up thinking I'm the one who's excited about my new baby. :D

    Greetings from Finland :)


  2. How lovely!! I'm thrilled my blog and blog have gone international, especially to Finland! My family came to America from Norway many generations ago and I've always adored Scandinavia.

    I just finished a slideshow of photos for youtube, so that will be up momentarily :)


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