Thoughts from C-Section Recovery

First of all, we have the best daughter in the history of babies. I realize there is a very long history of babies, but rest assured that she is the best. Ever.

Less than 24 hours after surgery
The surgery was a huge success and my recovery is going better than anticipated. Each time a nurse checks my incision, they make a comment on how well its healing and how great I'm doing. (I know I'm the only one they ever say those things to because I just had the best daughter in history so they're simply recognizing my mad skills.) It took me a day or so to get back on my feet (literally) and move around "wirelessly" without an IV, catheter, and other fun medical equipment. I'm able to get in and out of bed on my own now, I can shower, I can use the bathroom, I can change diapers standing up; I feel like super woman! Thanks percecet!

Usually recovery is longer and harder than my experience. If I hadn't just given birth to the best daughter in history with the greatest husband in the galaxy, it would be harder for me, too. Jonathan has been super human in taking care of me. Our parents have jumped at every opportunity to serve us and love us. Our incredible family and friends made sure to encourage us and love Joanna (although it's not very hard to love someone like her). Big shout out to Briana who drove 6 total hours to spend 3 hours holding her honorary niece. I can't wait to do the same for her one day!

Daddy's girl
In terms of pain, it's a very real and expected part of recovery. Having a C-section is not a way to skip pain - it's just a different way to give birth. Rather than having one's pain take place in one (or two) concentrated days, the pain is spread out over days/weeks. The incision hurts in a sharp way without my beautiful drugs. Cramping and getting my piping back in order causes aches and lots of pressure. Walking, sitting up, adjusting, or just using stomach muscles at all can present a variety of pains.

The most rewarding pain of all has been trying to nurse. Our beautiful roly poly needs to maintain her gorgeous curves and I happily oblige. I'll likely do a post just about nursing because its something that most pregos experience, regardless of their birth story. I'm extremely thankful that I didn't have major lactation issues. The biggest hurdle we've encountered is her comfort level - she gets way too comfy while nursing and often falls asleep soon after latching. We have to keep her awake by keeping her cold and angry. It's a beautiful and beneficial torture technique. Not only do I have pain at the site of her nursing (obviously), but my uterus contracts while she goes at it. Nursing helps my uterus go back to its original shape and location, therefore helping me get back to my original shape.

"Oh hai world!"
BIG thanks to the nurses at Virginia Baptist Hospital. I'm nothing short of impressed with their professionalism, compassion, insight, and preparedness during this time. They answer our stupid questions without giving us a stupid tone, they bring extra slices of cheese cake, and they take the time to explain things to us until we understand what's going on.

On another note, I do plan on posting a post-baby photo. When I googled for one a few months back, I was [not completely] surprised at the lack of post pardom photos of mama's. I'm certainly not pre-prego size, but I'm not ginormous either.  I'd say I'm close to where I was at Week 21.

Off to bed for our final night in the hospital!


  1. Laura, she looks PERFECT! So sweet and snuggly :) Oh, and can I have to name of the nurse that brings the extra cheesecake....?

  2. Laura, after two c-sections it is so nice to see someone post how the recovery goes for us c-section mommy's :) The recovery is a bit harder but the quicker you get on your feet, you are so right, it makes you so much stronger! I am so happy you had a good birth experience and that you, baby and the hubs are doing so well! Thank you for sharing your journey!!!


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