One scarf is complete :)

I started my next scarf and Jonathan [playfully] yelled at me for starting a new project. "Well now she won't come until that one is done"

Kitty isn't a huge fan of the new project either.

I'm having second thoughts on pursuing a C-section if she starts her labor before October 28th. If she wants to come out the old fashioned way, should I deny her? If I have an epidural and she really does have shoulder dystocia, they'll likely need to do a C-section anyway so my labor pains will have been in vain. If she's a normal sized baby and not gigantic like predicted, she'll come out fine. I keep going back to my family genes though - my Uncle was 8lb something and he wouldn't come out without getting his collarbone snapped by the doc. My grandmother that has my body shape had babies that were 10lbs and over. Although Jonathan and I are average sized folks, we come from families with big and tall statures. What if she really is 9 to 11lbs?

Okay, I must be getting ready for birth because the hormones are taking over again. They've been at bay for a vast majority of this pregnancy but they've been creeping up lately.

OH! And here is a short list I'm compiling of things to be thankful for this week:

  • Each day I don't give birth is another day without diapers.
  • I can finally wear my long sleeved maternity shirts and sweaters.
  • I'll still be able to have egg nog when it's available in stores in November.
  • I'm saving money because I can't go shopping.
  • The house is quiet.
  • The cat is adorable.
  • The nursery is untouched and lovely because there are no spit up or poop stains anywhere.


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