Peoples is Peoples

I'm not sure why people think I won't tell them when I give birth. I let the world know when my cat farted - of course I'm going to tell people.

Since Joanna's due date, here are some comments via text, email, and Facebook wall posts:
  • So....are you a mommy yet???
  • So is this it.... The big day?
  • Joanna... can't wait to meet you! (that one was really sweet. I didn't mind that one at all)
  • Are you a mom yet? 
  • How have you not popped?
  • You're still pregnant?
  • Joanna, we're waiting sweetheart...
  • I thought they were sawing you in half today? (one of my favorites)

I'm giving up Facebook until she gets here. It's only pissing me off at this point. I'm not bugged by the waiting but rather I'm bugged by the people bugging me and/or telling me that it's okay that she's late. I KNOW. I'm okay waiting for her. Everyone else needs to be okay waiting for her, too.

I'm still highly entertained by my mother's emails and texts though :) Those can keep coming, I don't mind them.

I'm also highly entertained by this photo that Ashley posted on my wall:


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