Birth Plan

I've had several requests to post our Birth Plan. It's still a work in progress as I continue to hear advice and horror stories from others, but the basics remain the same:

Before and During Delivery

  • NO ONE is allowed in the delivery room except for doctors, nurses, and my baby's daddy. "Unless you're responsible for putting this baby inside of me or taking it out.."
  • I will be going drug free for as long as I can handle. I'm not afraid of drugs, nor am I afraid of pain. However, pain sucks. My goal is to get to at least 6 cm au natural. 
    • I want to take advantage of their exercise balls, hot tub, and any other method used to progress labor before taking an epidural.
  • I'm not entirely anti C-section. Doc is still mentioning it at every appointment so its a very real possibility.
  • As soon as Joanna Rose comes out, I want her placed on my chest so we can lay skin to skin while daddy cuts the chord. 
  • I don't want her wearing that hat that they give to every baby; we brought our own :)
After Delivery
  • No one in the room after Joanna is born until we give the green light. This includes family. I want our first moments to be just us three.
  • No non-family members for the first day.
  • If I have a C-section and have several days of recovery, I want at least 2 gossip magazines and fun nail polish. And Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream. 
    • Ben and Jerry's is currently on sale at Kroger for $2.50 a pint by the way...


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