I like being pregnant.

As I near the end of my very first pregnancy, I can't help but think that I've really enjoyed the overall experience. Yea the nausea sucked and the inability to keep my usual pace, but I'm growing a human inside of me. That's incredible! Every bladder kick and lung punch reminds me of how beautiful of an experience this has been.

I know I'm almost ready to give it up, but not quite yet. I'm surprisingly not in a hurry to meet Joanna because I know that God's timing is perfect. He's been telling me His timing is perfect for many years and I can't believe I'm just now starting to accept it. Joanna will be born according to a schedule that I don't know about. I know she'll come out soon; that's all I know. And I'm okay with that. (wow.. the 2010 me didn't believe that the 2011 me just typed those words.. and meant it..)

I will enjoy being able to wear rings again. I'll enjoy being able to fit into a restaurant booth. I'll enjoy the ability to yard sale without getting winded. I'll enjoy eating sushi, cold cuts, and soft cheese with wine whenever I want. Most of all, I'm going to enjoy having a tiny combination of Jonathan and I to join us in our journeys. She'll be exactly what God wants her to be. Wow. I need to say that again: She'll be exactly what God wants her to be.


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