Doctor Visit - 1 cm!

I saw the doc today and she checked my under carriage - I'm dilated 1 cm!! Although I'm dilated an itty bitty bit, my mucus is still nice and thick so she ain't going anywhere yet. She also told me that baby's head isn't fully engaged yet.. um.. you mean she can get LOWER? Yep. Her head is pointing down but its not fully locked and loaded yet. I'm still measuring large and in charge.

My blood pressure was a little higher than usual so they took it at the beginning and end of the appointment. I told the nurse I had a coke on my way here and she said "oh, that'll do it."

After my exam, I received the first flu shot of my life. According to doc, its best to get it now so the baby will get it, too rather than wait until after giving birth. Babies can't get a flu shot until they're 6 months or older. I love a good deal and this was a nice two for one deal.

Next week is our (final?) ultrasound so we can get a better idea of whether or not I'll need a C-section and when it would be.

(If you're male, stop reading now)

When she checked my cervix, it didn't hurt nearly as much as previous exams. After I got up and began putting my clothes back on, I noticed that I was bleeding down there. This definitely freaked me out and I made Jonathan go out in the hall and ask her back into the room so I could ask her if this was normal. "Oh yea, I forgot to tell you about that. Every time we check your cervix now, that will happen." Lovely!


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