Gassy Lassie

Pregnancy is notorious for changing everything. One's bodily functions are no exception.

I'm fairly notorious for divulging information that others' would be too ashamed to share. My bodily functions are no exception.

I'm going to share a secret - women have gas. Want to know a bigger secret? Pregnant women have more gas. When one is with child, one's organs are pushed every which (out of the) way so baby can grow and take over. My mom told me its like inflating a balloon into a bag of rope. These shifting muscles, tubes, sacs, etc guarantee that the prego's movements will never be the same. Some women get heartburn, some get UTI's, others are miraculously relieved of pre existing issues like acne and depression.

In my pregnancy, I have seen an increase in burping and other gaseous emissions. I grew up with two older brothers so I can appreciate a decent belch. In my third trimester, I've had some mouth-quakes that would rival California. Late afternoon / early evening yields the best results for mouth-quakes. Jonathan is still pretty grossed out by the notion of his beautiful wife burping then belly laughing about it. Ha, it makes me smile just thinking about it! My other emissions have certainly been more frequent (and very different) than my pre-prego self. It's all still equally hilarious.

So to all you future pregos out there, don't worry about your shifting organs and additional emissions. It's perfectly natural (and really funny) in the right company.

(On a related note - in the final weeks of pregnancy, expect a LOT more gaseous emissions! It's the final countdown!)


  1. haha. Thanks for making me laugh out loud in the middle of PSYC 324! Personality Theory will never be the same for me... bwahaha.

  2. BtW , you know that's with absolute love, cause my trucker emissions could totally take on your Cali quakes! ;) hehe

  3. haha, just wait until you get knocked up!!


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