Ode to a Pint

One of the tips I picked up from couponers is to contact your favorite companies and tell them how much you love their product. It's no secret that Ben and Jerry's have been the love(s) of my life in these past 9 months. So I told them:

Allow me to start by declaring my love for Cherry Garcia. I am now 9 months pregnant and Mr. Garcia has seen me through many hard times; everything from relieving first trimester nausea, cooling off in the summer second trimester, to just being the perfect balance of a sweet snack. I love this flavor so much that we incorporated my favorite pint into our maternity photo shoot:
Little Joanna Rose will learn the ways of her mother and father, especially when it comes to Chubby Hubby and Cherry Garcia. So thank you, Ben and Jerry. If I have twin boys in the future, I will surely name them after you.

Lets see what kind of coupons they send :)


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