Coupons and C-Sections

No baby yet, but that's okay.

I called the doctor to schedule the C-section and the schedule lady said that doc already had me down for Oct 28th.. o rly? I do NOT want to wait past the 23rd. When we meet with her on Wednesday, we're going to see if we can get something as close to the 23rd as possible. Or Joanna can start things on her own; who knows!

Tonight was likely my last trip to the grocery store before behbeh comes! We ran into two co-workers and a fellow prego from church. It was a fun little reunion :)

Aaaand we saved 35%!

Total before savings: $97
Total after savings: $62
Total money saved: $35

We only bought items we would need for the next week and a half. I love saving money without having to stockpile.


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