October 28, 2011

October 28th will be Joanna's birthday.. or sooner!

We had our last doctors appointment today and it didn't go as I had hoped. Our C-section is scheduled for October 28th instead of the 23rd like we said we wanted. I expressed to her my discomforts and concerns and she wasn't worried about them at all. I think because I've been so calm and not complaining about anything, she thinks this is the first time I've experienced discomfort. Ha.

I'm still at 1cm, I'm in more pain than ever, and all I want to do is sleep comfortably. I haven't been able to sleep well in a month or so. I know this comes with the territory of being 40 weeks pregnant, but I think having a 10 pound baby and gaining 50 pounds in only my midsection is taking a toll on my overall attitude.  It hurts to stand up, it hurts to sit down, it hurts to sleep in one position for more than 45 minutes, and it hurts my pride to ask for help. Joanna has been more active today than she has been in several weeks - perhaps that's a sign? If she starts her exit before the 28th and I'm not too dilated by the time I get to the hospital, they can still do a C-section. If I get to the hospital and I'm beyond 6cm, they'll opt for a vaginal birth.

Besides meeting my beautiful daughter, I'm most looking forward to being myself again. I want to be a wife again. I want to be able to clean the house again. I want to be able to sleep in a bed instead of being confined to the couch.

So close. So so so so close.


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