2 Month Checkup

After last month's self-induced guilt-filled appointment, I was nervously excited. I knew she gained weight (obviously) and I knew she passed her birth weight, but I wasn't sure where she should be at this point considering her length is larger than normal. It doesn't do any good googling what weight she should be because the inter webs is full of crap. In case you'd didn't know.

We went in, took off her adorable 6 month sized outfit, and took her to the cold scales with a thin paper towel to provide.. comfort? absorbsion? The numbers computed a la Biggest Loser and we saw the results:

12lbs 2oz

My baby is a bowling ball again! Yay!  Joanna is now in the 90th percentile for weight! She is also 23 inches long (75th percentile) and her head circumference is 16 inches (90th percentile).  We talked about all of the developmental things she's been doing and what her poo looks, etc. The doctor even talked about how he's a fan of the pacifier and that it decreases the risk of SIDS. We're still using it sparingly, but we do put her to sleep with it if she's not already tuckered out from the day.

Joanna at 8 weeks

Because it was her 2 months appointment, it was immunization time! She received her shots with a grimace but was soon pacified with her paci. The nurse cooed with her and kept smiling with her - she made a comment that if she were her grandmother, she would never put her down. Ha, I know right? We're just really good at making adorable babies.

NOTE: Even though I use cloth diapers, I'm not a "no immunizations" kind of mother. I believe that medical advances are for our benefit and I'm thankful for them. Medical advances made my pregnancy bearable, my delivery short and sweet, and helped my recovery not impede taking care of my child. These advances/medicines are now giving my beautiful baby the protection she needs. If you disagree, that's fine. To each their own.


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