3 Months

My JoJo Bean is 3 months.

Wow. What was I doing 4 months ago? Oh yea - I remember.

Life with a giant sumo warrior princess is awesome! She sleeps well, eats very well, and poops extremely well. She is outgrowing her 6 month PJs. (Grand)mom bought her some 9 month PJs that she's now wearing. She's still wearing 6 month sizes during the day, but I can tell that they are nearing their end, too.

She smiles and "dances" very often! She's happiest after a good poop. (Aren't we all?) She's very good at holding her head and I've even been able to carry her on my hip for a few minutes until she gets super wobbly. Joanna hates tummy time. I'm trying to help her develop her arm muscles to help her crawl but she gets frustrated and just goes "MEEEEEH". Instead, she practices her push ups on mommy and daddy.

She is 100% formula and I still don't regret my decision to stop nursing. The more I look at the photos of her when she was only nursing, the more I am convinced that we made the right decision. My pudgy bugaboo was too skinny.

1 month, 8.5 lbs, and 50th percentile   |    3 months, 15 lbs, and 98th percentile

She weighs approximately 15 pounds according to my bathroom scale and basic Math skills: [My weight holding her] - [my weight] = [her weight]

She hasn't had another major spurt like she did last month but I think we're gearing up for one. I can see a difference in her height and a big difference in her girth. Her diapers are now on the second crotch setting and the third width setting. I fear she may outgrow her diapers before she's potty trained - crap. Literally.

She "exercises" often by dancing around and kicking her feet. Whenever she smiles, she uses her entire body! She dances when we dance, scowls when around new people, and she doesn't like the sun. She's definitely my kid.


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