When I got really sick over the holidays, my low supply was in danger of completely drying up. I couldn't consume or keep calories down, so I couldn't produce milk. While recovering, I was only pumping a combined half of an ounce per day. Joanna is now up to 6 ounces per feeding (at 7-8 feedings per day) and I'm now pumping 2.5 ounces a day. Those numbers certainly don't add up to her ditching formula anytime soon. Honestly, using formula is way more convenient than nursing. It's also a great opportunity for other people to feed her. I miss the unique bond that is created while she nurses. But ya know what?  I'm no longer feeling guilty about not solely breastfeeding. I'd rather have my child fed than my ego and self-worth.

My value as a mother is not measured in ounces of milk - it's measured in baby smiles and poopy diapers. 

We use Gerber Formula. We tried Similac for a while but it would give her terrible gas. A gassy baby is heart wrenching! Gerber is really great about sending coupons to new moms in the beginning, but the values of the coupons quickly go down after the first few months. How annoying! I signed up for another account under Jonathan's name so we could get more coupons. I may ask my parents to sign up, too.

The money we're saving on cloth diapers is almost equal to the amount we're spending on formula. My inner cheapskate is cringing at the thought of breaking even. I think the figures will always be the same because the more she eats, the more she poops.

For a post about formula, I sure did talk about poop a lot.


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