Squishy Baby

What is it about a tiny version of something that makes it better? Little smokies somehow taste better than hot dogs, tiny corn adorn five star salads while their full-grown counterparts are second-rate side dishes, and little barrettes are always in higher demand than large hair clips.

However, there is one ring that truly does rule them all. Babies are not only cuter than their adult counter-parts, but they are far more endearing. But why? They have no skills or trade. They can't wipe their own butt. They don't even know what a butt is. Yet they possess some kind of supernatural charm that melts people on contact. Kind of like the force.  I think the most powerful aspect of baby magic is that every baby evokes the same response from grown ups: "So precious!" "So sweet!" "Awwwww" "ooooh hai!" "Are you making a poopie?" "Uh oh!" "Oh no, what did I do.."  The baby doesn't have to do anything to create this effect. It just has to simply exist. However, as soon as one tiny sliver of a movement is made, the results are intensified ten fold. Any movement will do. Even a bowel one.

I think God did this on purpose. He knew that life with a newborn would be pretty rough. Parents are so busy taking care of this helpless personification of adorable that they forget to bathe, eat, and sleep for themselves. God made babies so dang cute so that other people will jump at the chance to dote on them while parents can pause and remember that they still exist.

I see what You did there, God. Thanks.


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