2 Months (and a few days)

Technically JoJo Bean was 2 months on December 28th, but we were a little busy ringing in the yuletide new year.

Sticking out her tongue, smiling, and waving. So much skill!
Joanna is smiling while awake, dancing when others sing or talk to her, and she even babbles back a bit. Her head is less wobbly and her stares are more intense. She uses her pacifier much less than last month which helps me better know when she's hungry. This kid is beyond adorable!  My favorite thing about her in month 2 has been her facial expressions. They change so quickly! I love it!

She's outgrown her 0-3 month clothes and barely fits into her 3 month clothes. Her 3-6 outfits and most of her 6 month outfits fit perfectly. I think I should have kept the tags on her clothes a bit longer, haha. I'm quickly filling two boxes with clothes she's outgrown - a box for those we're keeping and a box of clothes we're giving away. It's too bad all of her cousins will be boys!

Her sleeping has been wonderful! It's no lie that big babies sleep well. She's sleeping for 5-6 hours at a time now. Technically I should be waking her up to feed her, but I have been too pooped to wake up to my alarm. Thanks to a double stuffed diaper, she rarely wets through her PJs, too. (Did I mention that I love cloth diapers?)

She is very comfortable with people and noise. She easily falls asleep in people's arms and can take a bottle from anyone that wants to feed her. She's used to facial hair and glasses on people so neither of those seem to phase her. (It helps that I wear glasses 90% of the time and Jonathan has a great big bushy beard on his face). 

Joanna is a wonderful traveling companion! She can ride comfortably for 3 hours at a time. I'm getting better at changing diapers with her in my lap of the car, too. She seems content to just absorb the world around her, especially lights and bright colors. 

We have an amazing baby. Wow. I don't know how I can give enough thanks for her.

This was our Christmas duet at Week 7


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