Day In The Life: Cooking

I hate cooking but I love completing a task.

In order to complete the task of feeding my family, I use Hamburger (/Chicken/Tuna) Helper. In 2-5 easy steps, I have a one skillet meal that is semi-nutritious and usually provides a leftover lunch for Jonathan the next day.

After the awesome sale and using coupons at Kroger, I snagged 20 boxes of Hamburger/Chicken/Tuna Helper for $.80 each as well as frozen chicken, ground beef, and tuna. I've factored the meals to about $2-$4 each ($2 for chicken and tuna and $4 for beef). I think the only way I could save more money is if I actually made things from scratch. No thanks.

For an average of $3 and 20 minutes, I'm preparing 3 meals without "cooking" and only dirtying a skillet, cutting board, and a few utensils.


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