Coupon Haul

I don't want to coupon for things I'll never use. That being said, I love when I can score great deals on products I use everyday:

Total out of pocket: $13.83
Estimated retail: $78

Hamburger Helper: $.80 a box (usually $2 each)
10/10 at Kroger, $1 off of 5 from Sunday paper

Gerber Baby Formula: $7.50 each (usually $25 each)
$21 each on sale, $10/2 coupon, $13.50/1 rebate check and a $2.50/1 rebate check.

Huggies Wipes (64 count): $.43 and $.68 each (usually $3 each)
$1.18 each on closeout at Kroger, three $.25/1 coupons that doubled, one $1/2 coupon, and one $.75/1 coupon.

Best of all? A Kroger coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase or more.

After buying everything else on my weekly list (including produce, milk, etc), I spent a total of $52.76 and saved $50.16 using coupons.


  1. good job! i need some coupon help from you :) I always miss these awesome deals!


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