Hospital Bill

On October 28th, my beautiful baby joined the world.

On December 13th, we received our hospital bill: $12,064.50.

Our primary insurance took care of $9,820.21 and my supplemental insurance cut us a $1,000 check. Now we're left paying $1,244.29, which isn't too bad considering I had major abdominal surgery, 3 grilled cheeses, 2 slices of cheesecake, and a full 3-day weekend of hospital care. And a baby.

I asked for a detailed bill and I received a 4 page list of a lot of jargon I didn't understand. Here are the highlights:

$3,675.00 - Private Room and Board
$3,308.00 - Surgical Procedure
$1,614.60 - Labor
$806.40 - Anesthesia
$690.25 - Sterile Supply
$300.00 - Newborn Room and Care ($100 a day)
$274.18 - Pharmacy
$217.00 - Non Sterile Supply              
$69.68 - Drugs Requiring Detailed Coding
$48.34 - Self Administered Drugs

My favorite charges? The four glucose tests they performed on her to make sure she didn't have gestational diabetes. (Because three tests weren't enough?) She also had multiple bilirubin tests in the hospital as well as at the doctor's office. The total for all of her giant baby related and other repeated tests before insurance? $229.25.

Another perk of having supplemental insurance is that I was able to continue getting paid during my 8 week maternity leave. This meant we had an additional $3,000 while I was recovering. That paid for the remaining balance and gave us a little extra to ease us into the next penny pinching chapter of our lives.

Praise God for insurance!


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