10 servings for $.67

I bought the biggest sweet potato I could find for $0.67

After just 10 minutes to peel, slice, steam, and blend said potato, I now have 10 baby jar portions of sweet potato for my sweet potato.

I can't even buy one jar of organic baby food for $.67! 

Rather than keep a running tally of how much money I'm saving by making her food, I may just do a comparison like this to demonstrate the potential for others to save. After all, I did have to shell out another $40 for a Magic Bullet because our Baby Bullet blades are now rendered useless. I think we should have purchased the Magic Bullet in the first place and bought the Baby Bullet accessories. The Magic Bullet has more "grown up" attachments and a really fun recipe book - AND - it's $10 cheaper than the Baby Bullet. I still think the Baby Bullet accessories are worth it though. Lesson learned.


  1. Looks good! Now you need to go soak some prunes and make yourself some of that apple-prune sauce. :-) Erica

  2. YES! I can't wait to try your recipe :) I may just make it for myself before I give it to her!


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