Daddy's Cheeks and Mommy's Furrow

Every day I'm reminded by others that my sweet baby girl looks like my handsome husband. I know I shouldn't be offended but I am. Girls should look like their mommies and boys should look like their daddies. Just like all dogs are boys and all cats are girls.

Joanna in utero at 38 weeks next to Mommy at 3 months

Cheeks and Biceps
Super Joanna at 20 weeks and Daddy at 25 years
A nurse told me that little girls look like their dads when they're young so that the guy knows they're the father. 

From Mommy:
  • Size (weight and height)
  • Crazy long toes
  • Giant ears
  • Her face when crying or pooping
  • Eye color

From Daddy
  • Eye shape
  • Adorable cheeks
  • Great smile
  • Cute lips


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