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To all of you new moms and dads to be: here are some great products you'll use daily. They are also good low-cost items for your penny pinching friends to purchase for you if you're in need of things for your registry.

  • Bottle Brush - even if you don't want to pump or use bottles, you'll still love having a bottle brush. It gets into those hard to reach places where bacteria love to throw parties. 
  • Drying Rack - it may seem silly, but having a separate drying rack for all baby related items is very handy (and more sanitary.)
  • I love this photo so much
    I wanted to use it again
  • Pacifier Clip - You will lose pacifiers. Your baby will lose many pacifiers. You will drop pacifiers on restaurant floors and in parking lots. Use this clip. 
  • Spoons - We didn't stock up on these and now we're "paying" the price. Register for spoons. Many many spoons. 
  • Health Kit - there are so many options when it comes to grooming or health kits. I recommend registering for a really fancy one so you can have all of the accessories you could ever need or want (thermometer, nail clippers, brush, etc).
    • You will need a good brush and comb even if they don't have hair.
  • Travel Booster Seat - JoJo is outgrowing her carseat so we're currently researching booster seat options for non-car use. Rather than have her sit in an often used and often not cleaned restaurant booster seat, we want to bring our own if possible.
    • We also have a seat cover that we use in shopping carts that can work in booster seats, too.  I like the seat pictured below because it has a cushion if we'll be in one place for more than 20 minutes. 
Travel Booster Seat
What products do you love?


  1. I love my bundle me for the car seat. My baby boy was born in December and it has been a lifesaver when we leave the house and go in and out of places. He stays warm and asleep :)

  2. Ooh good point! I didn't think of that since we had such a warm Winter.


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