Baby Bullet: Week Two

Joanna has tried rice cereal, oatmeal, bananas, and avocados. On a scale of horrible to awesome, here is how we think she would rate them:

Avocados : What is this crap?
Rice Cereal : Keep it comin', ma.
Oatmeal : I see what you did there and I appreciate your efforts.

This week we tackled food that required more preparation: sweet potatoes and pears. Firstly, I washed and peeled the potato and Jonathan sliced it into two inch slices for the Baby Bullet Steamer.

One sweet potato yields 10 servings (which is really 8 Joanna sized servings). We put 6 servings into the fridge containers and filled 2 compartments of the freezer tray. We then steamed and blended a pear for the remaining 4 compartments of the freezer tray. (We can use the steamer to defrost the frozen food cubes.) Refrigerated food stays good for 3 days and frozen food for 30 days. We will definitely go through all of the food faster than 30 days.

I was proud of us for making 12 meals for the next 6 days! So proud in fact that I wanted to give Joanna her dinner at her late afternoon feeding instead of waiting later. So off we went into the wild orange yonder:

She didn't seem to like it as much as we thought she would, but she also didn't seem to dislike it. I think she was just excited to eat. 

When we finished feeding her, she acted like she wanted more but seemed content when we did our "all done" announcement and hand signal. She even unintentionally wiped her own mouth. How considerate!

The verdict on sweet potatoes? Somewhere between bananas and avocados.

Today we created 12 meals for less than $1. I filled the containers with more food than before since Joanna can easily eat more than the average 4.5 month old. My new calculation is 3 containers = 1 jar of food, so our 12 meals = 4 jars of baby food = $2 saved.  Last week I made 8 servings of bananas and 4 of avocados. Joanna only had 2 of the avocado servings, so I'll just consider it 10 total servings of baby food. 10 meals = 3.5[ish] jars of baby food = $1.75 saved.

Initial Investment: $50
Savings to date: $4.75
Return on Investment: -$46.25

By the way, do NOT put your Baby Bullet plastic parts into a dish washer or steamer. They will shrink. I was being a good mom and put the blade and their compartments into the steamer to make sure they were very clean. Now they are clean and too small to use. Awesome. We will soon be spending $40 on a Magic Bullet so we can make our own smoothies, etc as well as blend baby's food. Good thing we can use our Discover Card cash back rewards on Amazon so it won't cost us any money! 


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