Vaccinate: A Song For Both Sides

I'm thankful for mature friends from various backgrounds that hold different viewpoints. This is for you:

To the tune of "Let It Be"

(If you don't vaccinate, replace the V word with "Let it be")

When my child is very tiny and approaching 2 months old.
The time has come and I will vaccinate.

Two more months go by and now another round goes in her thigh.

Ooooh Vaccinate, vaccinate! Vaccinate, vaccinate!
I want her to be healthy so I vaccina-ATE!

And now I'm singing (to the tune of Bon Jovi's 'It's My Life'), "This is a song for the vaccinated..". I think mommy needs a play date.

In all seriousness, I make it known that I am very pro-vaccines. I think they are important and necessary to maintain a nation of healthy children and adults. Unvaccinated children can infect children that are too young to be vaccinated, children unable to get vaccinated, and adults whose vaccinations have worn off or were never vaccinated in the first place. No thank you. The other side is that vaccinated children can have a higher likelihood of food allergies, etc. After researching and forming a well-educated perspective, I'm okay with the possible repercussions of vaccinations because I feel the good far outweighs the bad.

I have friends that don't vaccinate their children. I still love them but I'm not bringing a too-young-to-be-fully-vaccinated child over for a play date. When Joanna is fully "shot-up" and protected, I will gladly let our young children giggle and drool together.


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