Baby Bullet: Week One

I want to keep track of our saved money like I am with cloth diapers:

A jar of baby food is about $.50 each (ish). At this point, she is eating maybe 1/4 of a jar at each meal. I'm going to be conservative and use a [4 servings = 1 jar] calculation until she eats more often. I'm not going to subtract the cost of fruits and veggies because that's super complicated because we eat the food, too. It also varies if you want to buy organic or not. For the sake of illustration, I'll break down this week:

Week one: Bananas 
1 banana = 4 servings

I purchased a bunch of bananas for around $1.50 (7 bananas). If I used all of the bananas for baby food, I could make 28 servings.  I would have spent $7 on the same amount of jarred food that I can make for only $1.50. 

The Baby Bullet was a gift so our personal investment is $0. The system can be bought in its entirety for $100, or just the standard set for $50. Coupons are everywhere for Bed Bath and Beyond so you can easily pay less for the standard set. I'm going to label the initial investment as $50 to make it a realistic representation for those interested in purchasing this product.

Initial Investment: $50
Savings this week: $2
Return on Investment: -$48

Something I quickly learned is that you should start off with their usual bottle first so they aren't cranky while eating. It also keeps them happy and helps them not rush.

And now its time for the cuteness:

I gave her 6oz of formula and all of
her bananas and she still wanted more!
She LOVES  bananas!
(PS - I've been making myself a banana smoothie for breakfast each morning using the Bullet with just two bananas and a cup of skim milk. It's fast, easy, super healthy, and o so yummy.) 


  1. You are so right about saving money with preparing at home from scratch. I have been doing this for mom and me, and wow. It makes a HUGE difference. Plus, it tastes so much better and has much fewer colorings and preservatives. It does take time and planning, but I agree with you. The results are so worth it!

  2. Ir's really fun, too! I'm loving it :)


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