Moving? With an Infant?

Sooo.. we're thinking about moving. Not just "Hey, I think we should think about moving!". We're at the "Where do we want to move? Do we want a commute? What kind of job(s) do we want?".

I think we've arrived at the decision that moving closer to our parents would be wonderful and ideal.  Being closer to parents means two things:
  1. Free babysitting
  2. Free ego boosts as we are constantly reminded of how beautiful our genetic offspring is. 
Moving closer to D.C. also means our cost of living will be tripled (at least). Fortunately, the jobs pay double to triple than their Lynchburg counterparts. If we maintain our low-cost lifestyle, I think we won't have to live in a one bedroom apartment above a bowling alley.

I'll be working when we move and I'm looking forward to it! I've arrived at the conclusion that I enjoy working. Staying home with my beautiful daughter is wonderful and I'm thankful I had this time to spend with her.  But I really miss working.  I know a part of me will miss staying home with her, but I know my love for her isn't measured in the hours I spend at home: it's measured in smiles and poop (hers of course).

I've received a formal job offer to be a Registrar, Professor, and curriculum developer somewhere that I can't announce - the  board officially approves (or disapproves) me on the 22nd. Jonathan is still looking for a job. May/June will likely be the timeframe. Stay tuned :)


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