Cloth Diapers: Week Twenty

20 weeks of cloth!

In addition to liking cloth diapers, I dislike disposables. Before this point I was indifferent to them. Now I really dislike them.

Why? I'm currently watching my friend's adorable 22 week old (just one week apart from Joanna) and they are roughly the same size. He's longer but weighs less so they balance out each other. I love this kid. He's more active than Joanna and is almost as adorable.

Here's the diaper diary:

Dropped off at 7:30
Diaper change at 9 - apparently I waited too long because pee was on his stomach but not back.  Changed outfit into one of Joanna's.
Diaper change at 10:45 - heavy diaper but no leaking. Yay!
Diaper change at 11:20 - diarrhea. Nothing on his stomach but plenty on his back. Gross. Another wardrobe change. Joanna's onesie stained. (Note to self: don't put one of your favorite onesie's on another child unless you are willing to give it to them.)

I put a cloth diaper on him at 11:20. Now he's sound asleep.

For the remaining 6 hours, he only went through 3 cloth diapers. In the same 6 hours, he would have needed 5 disposables.

Therefore, my new calculation is 3:5.

I considered reconfiguring my calculations after speaking with some of my disposable-using friends that are very coupon / savings savvy and find great deals. They end up spending $10-$20 a week, depending on where they live, what brand they purchase, and how old their child is. However, after today's findings of a 3:5 ratio when compared to a baby the same age and roughly the same size of Joanna, and for the sake of Joanna's college fund, I'm sticking with $20 a week.

So we're adding another $40 in savings:

Total Personal Investment: $190
Savings To Date: $354
Return On Investment: + $164


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